The Lapidary Club was first established in March 1965. 
This was following a meeting of enthusiasts in the Cane Growers building in Lowe Street, Nambour.

A building was secured in Ann Street and the Lapidary club was started. This building was home for some 9 years. 
One of the first trips for the members was to 'Wappa falls', looking for stones that would be suitable for cutting and polishing.

The Club's mascot Gemstone 'Rhodonite' was established , a locally found stone with attractive pink and black colouring.

The Club had two further moves before securing the present building in the Nambour Showgrounds, in 'Gem Lane'
 adjacent to the Main Pavillion. 

2010 saw a long awaited extension to the Club Building.  
The club is basically run by the members who are all encouraged to participate in the running of the activities. 
The committee members appoint a Volunteer President who overseas the day to day running of the club. 
The club also appoints a treasurer, secretary and session supervisors. 

The club income is derived from 'membership fees' and 'workshop session fees', also from the annual Gemfest. 
 Some other income is derived from attendance to various other Shows and Gemfests in other locations.

The Club has recently been awarded a major Grant from the Sunshine Coast Council which has been used to carry out some major improvements and Renovations.