October 14th 2017

Every year, since 2007 the Nambour Lapidary Club has been host to the famous NAMBOUR  GEMFEST.
This Year we expect to be our biggest and best yet.

The Art of cutting and polishing rocks and Gems as has long been part of our History and many would agree it is part of our DNA.
The earliest records of our civilization show that gems and rocks were a vital part of cultures all over the world, from ancient Egyptians who wore gems in their armour, to the Crown Jewels of England.

The art of cutting and shaping minerals has become more refined over the decades but the principles remain the same.
We all love to see the incredible diversity and array of minerals the earth has produced.  

The GEMFEST is a magnificent yearly venue, where Fossickers, Miners, Jewellers, Traders, and regular folks gather together to display and sell their wares.

ANYONE with anything to sell, related to rocks and gems is invited to participate.

After many years of Brilliant and dedicated service to the Club, our Gemfest Co-ordinator, Lyn Renshaw has handed over the reigns’ to Toni Bergemann, our Clubs’ new co-ordinator
Toni will be now be the new point of Contact for all registrations and enquiries.

For direct enquiry,     call Toni on 0409 036 338
Or email : nambourlapidarysecretary@gmail.com

Please click on the link below to download a pdf copy of the invitation and registration form