October 12th 2019

2018  PAST...
The 2018 Gemfest is over, but what a great event it was, with a totally new Management team the show was amazing, well organised and enthusiastic. 
Despit the rain, which fortunately was limited to light showers (unlike the days before and after), the event was well attended.
Even though a few traders had pulled out due to the forecast of storms there was a mass of stalls to suit everyone. There were even 3 x stalls selling tools and equipment. 
The ATM machine turned over double the previous year, and needless to say, everyone was delighted. Over half the traders have already signed up again for next year. 
The Food outlet was another success story. One of our club members, who had previous experience in Catering, took on the role of Organiser, and the result was amazing. With a superb selection of hot and cold food and drinks and cakes to die for. With the help of Club members and volunteers the Traders and Visitors were well catered for.
Previous records were broken. 

COMING YEAR.....2019
Flushed with the recent success of the 2018 show, the management team are happy to say they will
continue the event next year.

The Art of cutting and polishing rocks and Gems as has long been part of our History 
and many would agree it is part of our DNA.

The earliest records of our civilization show that gems and rocks were a vital part of cultures all over the world,
from ancient Egyptians who wore gems in their armour, to the Crown Jewels of England.

The art of cutting and shaping minerals has become more refined over the decades but the principles remain
the same. We all love to see the incredible diversity and array of minerals the earth has produced.  

The GEMFEST is a magnificent yearly venue, where Fossickers, Miners, Jewellers, Traders, and regular folks
gather together to display and sell their wares.

ANYONE with anything to sell, related to rocks and gems is invited to participate.

Please contact the show co-ordinator Michelle Burgum.
Michelle is the point of contact for all registrations and enquiries.

For direct enquiry, call Michelle on 0404 272 702
(Please note, if no answer a text message is recommended. and Michelle  will return your call, thanks)
Or email : nambourlapidary@hotmail.com

Please click on the link below to download a pdf copy of the invitation and registration form 
GEMFEST 2019 Registration form and Info. 
GEMFEST 2019 Brochure